Generate a chart of bugs over time from forgejo
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README for Bug Chart


Bug Chart is a Python tool designed to visualize the number of open bugs over time in a Forgejo repository. It retrieves data from Forgejo's API and generates a line graph showing the trend of open bugs. This tool is particularly useful for project managers and developers who want to track bug trends in their software projects.


  • Data Retrieval: Downloads bug data from Forgejo using API tokens.
  • Graph Generation: Creates an HTML file with a line graph representing open bugs over time.
  • Caching: Stores bug data locally to reduce API calls.
  • Refresh Capability: Can be manually refreshed to update the data and graph.


  • Python 3
  • Libraries: requests, json, configparser


Clone the repository from Ensure you have Python 3 and the required libraries installed.


Create a configuration file with the following structure:

hostname=<Your Forgejo hostname>
token=<Your Forgejo Token>

dest=<Path to output HTML file>
cache=<Path to cache JSON file>


Run to generate the bug chart. The script can be scheduled to run periodically using cron. For example:

40 9 * * * python3 ~/src/bug-chart/ --refresh

To force a data refresh, run:

python3 --refresh


The script generates an HTML file (chart.html) displaying the line graph of open bugs over time.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.


For queries or contributions, please email Edward Betts at


Developed and maintained by Edward Betts.